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Health & Fitness
with added Mind Power

An exercise workout to achieve what You want to achieve. Health, fitness, Vanity, or perhaps all three - in Longevity

Example Format:

→ A warm up chat: mind/physical balance - preparation/plan/your aim. This part is crucial to ensure you gain what you want in the most efficient and fun way. - Formula, Focus, Fun.

→ 2 minute Body Exercise

→ 2 minute Mind Exercise

→Combine the above two

→Repeat with a different exercise

The 2 minute Mind Exercise allows for a nice physical recovery.

Just one example of unlimited formats, you are individual: and so too can your coaching be. 

The chances are you already know about my work. All I am doing here is giving you an overview of the different directions we can go.

Please feel free to Contact Me and discuss any aspect

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