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About Male Coach

I Always give an Individualised Personal Service to Educate & Inspire you to prioritise health above all else. Other aspects can be your driver or goal, but when we ensure health is a priority - your goal will be achievable, sustainable and most importantly safe and effective.

Professionally: my background is medical. Trained in physiology - medically experienced, working within NHS and private sector.


I understand mind/body control.

The Psychological/Physical

Your Training can be 100% Conventional - GP Style Referral,

or I can help you to unlock something within you that will not only give you better training results, but also make your training far more enjoyable and sustainable.

Classical Vitruvian Man

or Cutting Edge

 As I'm 56 - training primarily for longevity - why?

Classical, Cutting Edge or Both?

To help you decide - there is:


→ my story, what I train for and why is here

→ or perhaps you can ask yourself a question

What lies beneath your facade? - deep within you?

In everyday situations, whether you are training or not - are you ever aware of yourself at a deeper level - to connect with the innate force within you?

It is this innate force we're interested in - I'm not going to be too descriptive here, as your interpretation of this will be as individual as you are. And Individuality is the Key.

My aim is to: either accentuate your innate male force: deep within you. Or if you are not already connected to it - show you how to 'tune in'.


This force is  primeval, whilst it can make some individuals in our modern world feel uneasy, due to not always being able to make sense of it.

Know that it is powerful.

If it stays suppressed you're missing a valuable tool for your whole wellbeing, not only to make you feel good, but also keep you focussed:

Ensuring you always connect your lifestyle choice, activity, exercise to exactly what you are doing at any given time - and the gains you will get: will work wonders for all areas of your life, both personal and professional.

Your new found fitness and health habit will be enjoyably rewarding - something to look forward to. It will be different.

My coaching will stimulate both your body and mind to make adaptions and grow stronger in many ways - not just physically.. You'll be in control and know how to  'tune in' to your innermost self - immersed in the pleasure/control/calmess that your own body and mind are capable of giving you at any time  


about Me Personally

I use fitness and lifestyle for longevity, in the sense of quality of life - dealing with the many aspects that ageing brings, such as vanity, which for me is as powerful a driver as my health which also reaps the rewards from all that I do, bringing a lower risk of many diseases and health conditions. Plus with the added benefits that come - such as to virility and wellbeing. So for me longevity is all about prolonging a great quality of life.

Personally :20 years ago I was not so healthy, pre diabetic and suffering from depression.

I put into practice all that I preached, and now look and feel better than I did 15 years ago, with more muscle and less fat, better posture but most of all what has improved is: how I feel as a man, dealing with the inevitable challenges that life brings.

Linking: your mind, body and how you feel in yourself - at a deep level within - gets you "that feeling"to go on and gain health, fitness and perhaps something else 

If this is what you want: I can help you achieve a whole range of health, fitness and male well being goals through very conventional methods, in an unconventional way, or vice versa. All 100% Naturally individualised, powerful and very rewarding.

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