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Male coach
 Personal 1:1 

Video Intro

Male coaching is just me and a camera, candidly coaching you.

Male Coaching

Coaching encouraging your mind as well as your body


If you just want to improve your health or fitness, your mindset is so important - as it will ensure you stay on track with your training

Root Cause

Some issues affecting male health may be stress related, involving your emotions or can be rooted psychologically.


Health & Fitness in the truest sense of the word.

Medical world meets fitness world for specialist coaching with a unique range of training goals

Want to know what the 'thing' is that I refer to in the video?

Tell me what you hope it is as I have various preview training videos for you covering a variety of Men's Health subjects.


Start Your Adventure
with Me

That is the way to look at the daily training routine you are embarking upon - it is exciting to look forward to achieving greater - male health - male fitness - or function..........or even your new life.  Sometimes what starts off as a small change can lead to a fundamental change in your whole life.

Your mindset to achieve what you want, can either be developed or if it is there already, channelled to give you the results you want.


If you would like to view or find out more about the unique range of coaching aims I offer please contact me.

Online Course To improve

Fitness, Health, Confidence & Response

Knowledge is Powerful Inspiration

The Male Coaching Online Course - where you can learn how your body functions and responds.

Once we know this, the rest is easy... you'll want to learn how you can strengthen different body systems to either get back what you once had - or make the most of the male being that you are.

     Video course, demonstrates and educates.

  • Discover how the male body responds 

  • Control a range of situations and manage affects exerted upon your body

  • Easy ways to strengthen a range of body systems

  • Fits in with a busy life

  • Enjoy training your body (and your mind)

  • Mind training - is essential with even the physical.....

........right through from training motivation to positive thinking for a variety of situations - I'll guide your body and mind to work together to give a great range of different outcomes 

I;ll be there in a coaching Video ready for you to  watch, train and learn - when you want, where you want.

Online courses


Off The Shelf

Standard Coaching

Video and information pages, waiting to coach you, when you want it.


Tell me what aspects of your male functioning that you'd like to improve 

....I'll tell you what coaching options are  available.



Standard & Unique Coaching Aims

Videos, Audios, 1:1 Online Video Calls all included for powerful individualised coaching 

Tell me what you would like to improve.This may be your health - your fitness - how you look or how you function as a male being..

Success comes

through Enjoyment

Male Coaching is more complex than standard fitness or lifestyle  training.


The physiological response from contentment kickstarts your mind training to provide a focus for your physical training.


Powerful & Rewarding 

But only if you want it?

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