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Male coach

If you've arrived here, the chances are you've been referred by another health professional and you'll already know about my work. If not please feel free to ask anything you want.


A Personal Service to Educate & Inspire

Improve your mind & body response, health & strength with a personal coach giving:

→ support, inspiration and guidance all wrapped up in:

  • instruction.

  • education

  • science

  • experience

Using latest research studies with accepted human biology rational.

Three different uniforms - 3 different Coaching Styles

All Involve: Mindset, Health & Fitness

Which best fits your needs?


1:1 Practical

for all.

Think you don't like exercise - think again. There is something different for you that with the right mindset can be equally powerful.

.Train Smart: Health and Fitness Coaching.


Brain Plasticity - the Key to managing a range of health conditions.

When  Fitness Habits are detrimental to Health


and public speaking

Sustainability & Spirituality

GP Exercise Referral


1:1 Health and Fitness Coaching.made sustainable, successful and enjoyable

Coaching sessions at your place of work can look to your colleagues like just a business meeting. Your session your way - you tell me what uniform suits you - track suit or business suit?

Male Coaching For Mind and Body

Health, Fitness, Life coaching and so much more

Feel in control: powerful in your body and mind - then your wider life will benefit, both professional & persoonal


New Program for 2024


In the sense of either your Quality of Life or Your Health & Fitness.

Longevity is all about ensuring a great quality of life - in every aspect of Your Being, for as long as you can. 

There are many ways to achieve this, but first you will need to choose what Longevity you're aiming for. I can guide you with this.

1st Step

what do you want to Gain from my coaching?

Please email me.

→ Let me know what you want to gain. I'll maybe have a few questions for you - just to check I'm the right coach for you.

Personal 1:1 Training & coaching

Repeat Booking

GP Referral Sessions

Video Training


Success comes with the Right Mindset
then the rest is easy
That is where we'll Start


What would you like to prolong?


Fitness, posture or perhaps youthfulness?

Manage a Health Condition

Qualified to accept GP Referrals 

Powerful & Rewarding

→Total Male Capability


If you are ready to train your mind in conjunction with your body and excited to see what results you can get - please contact me:

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