Get Back


what you once had

and possibly more too.

Male Coaching

The human male body (and mind) are amazing. If, for whatever reason, something starts to fade, it is only then that we truly appreciate what we have lost.

Knowledge is Powerful Inspiration

The Male Coaching Online Course - where you can learn how your body functions and responds.

Once we know this, the rest is easy... you'll want to learn how you can strengthen different body systems to get back what you once had - and possibly even more!

Online Course To improve

Fitness, Health, Confidence & Response

Here you can enjoy getting back some, all, or possibly even more ...of what you once had.... 

     Video course, demonstrates and educates.

  • Discover how the male body responds

  • Learn how to get back what you once had

  • Easy ways to strengthen a range of body systems

  • Fits in with a busy life

  • Enjoy training your body (and your mind)

Videos there for you, ready to watch when you want, where you want. (Not  Skype)

Video Intro


Male coaching is just me and a camera, less slick - more personal and effective. Also giving the advantage of creating ad-hoc video reactive to your progress.

How I Can Help You

Tell Me.....

What You'd Like to Get Back

I give you  a range of options to consider

Examples of the coaching are below.

Online courses

Off The Shelf

Standard Coaching

Video and information pages, waiting to coach you, when you want it.


Tell me what it is you want to get back

....I'll tell you what coaching options are  available.



Standard & Unique Coaching Aims

Receive new videos or info pages

Individually created for you

Tell me what it is you want to get back

....I'll tell you if I can deliver a bespoke course for you.

Success comes

through Enjoyment

Male Coaching is more complex than standard fitness or lifestyle  training. The physiological response from contentment - is powerful and important for the body responses we're improving.

#1 Priority - Enjoy Your Training.

 Ask me anytime about different options, to make your training enjoyable.


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