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Boost your Response

Testosterone Boost


2 Minutes is all it takes to boost your testosterone level. 


  • Adopt this X pose

  • Feel your testosterone levels rising within you (they actually are)

  • If you had testosterone levels in blood measured it will be significantly raised just 20 minutes later.

  • Do twice daily - effects are cumulative

  • Will make a real difference to how you feel & function.

  • some great short & long term benefits.


I'm sure you know many of the benefits of boosting your testosterone levels - that as we age decline, but if you'd like to know more just contact me!

2 min Testosterone & Confidence boost

2 min Testosterone & Confidence boost

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Other benefits to how you function as a male being

Many of the coaching methods I use for a whole range of different gains do have a secondary benefit of increasing testosterone too, just not as much as the above.


Age Defy

With many ways to reduce ageing effects - two examples of short and mid term improvements .

A range of coaching available to help you combat the effects of ageing and stress.

  • speed/range of movement, and flexibility

  • balance & co-ordination

  • posture 

  • body aesthetics

  • facial fatures

  • body function

  • even our outlook!

Some can be easier to attain than others, but all are possible, it just depends how much work you're willing to put in.