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No need to worry


or put up with things

Video course with the Male Coach can help you with:

  • Effects of stress & ageing,

  • Confidence Issues

  • Body Response

Training the psychological and physical aspects of the male body response. 

The Wonderful World of Male Coaching 

Online Course to stop stress or ageing effects kicking in.

Male coaching is just me and a camera, less slick & professional - more personal & effective. Great for quick ad-hoc videos to help you 


Never underestimate the power of your body to heal itself or become stronger!

The aim is to find the best training aspect for you and capitalise upon the effects by making it fun - as happiness, combined with mind/body techniques, are powerful!!  I guarantee you really will enjoy the whole process of improving your response with a friendly, approachable coach that cares!

About Male Coaching


Connecting body & mind for some powerful results.

Strengthening body systems - that support personal  body processes, including psychological aspects, can make you - feel you again. The psychological can help the psychical - and vice-versa. This is more than just health & fitness, it is how you function and respond as a male being.

A Personal Service to Educate & Inspire

Improving your body response with a personal coach giving:

  • support, and inspiration

  • guidance and instruction

to help you in those times when your body or mind can struggle. All backed up with:

  • education

  • science

  • experience

Using latest studies and accepted human biology rational always given.

Fits in with a busy life

This coaching is a personal service to fit Into any busy life - you’ll have your coaching plan/videos ready whenever you need it.  2 minutes of training is always better than no minutes - once you get into it - may lead on to more minutes. The more you do . the quicker the results!  This is sustainable training that you will love to do every day forever. 

Everyone man can spare himself 2 minutes!

Happiness & Enjoyment

These are the key aspects - nothing forced - just a desire to want to do your training. This is possible for two reasons:

  1. Excited to get results

  2. Great feelings whilst training

Option of personal communication -not one size fits all, it is coaching that can be as individual as you wish. Sometimes a chat between us can work wonders.


Men's Health

Help with personal problems

Men tend to seek help too far down the line - 


Hopefully you'll look upon this site (and me) as not only a great training resource but also somewhere where we can freely talk about all the things that affect us at different times in our lives. There will in time be a space to share your stories and comment, in the meantime feel free to contact me.

Men's Health

In my medical career - helping men with problems as a result of cardiac events - I became aware of how some problems can have a massive effect upon self esteem, which in turn can go on to effect our wider health, mental health included.  Yet I became frustrated that the NHS was not doing more to help ...but also that some men weren't doing all they could to help themselves, so I became a specialist fitness instructor which has evolved into Male Coaching! 

Combining personal fitness training and medical knowledge/experience gives you both the theory and the practice - in enjoyable coaching videos to invigorate how your - male body responds.


About Male Coach

What qualifies me to be the Male Coach?

Spending the last 17 years of my career - establishing effective training to improve the problems that can affect men - enables me to further develop successful techniques, exercise and ways to make lifestyle change pleasurable - all part of the male coaching online course.

I am a Fitness & Health Coach In every sense of the word: combing NHS medical (and psychological) with fitness training


  • Male Coaching Programme - successfully helping men in the UK and the US.Further developing the all important psychological aspects!

  • Experienced in medical NHS  - erectile dysfunction help post cardiac care/diabetes care, experience in giving exercise & lifestyle interventions: longer term more powerful than drugs.

  • Medical - University of Hertfordshire trained and qualified. NhS (including Papworth) and Private sector 

  • Advanced Gym Instructor- developing specialist exercise and techniques to really help the whole body and mind

  • GP Referral Exercise Schemes - for helping both mental & physical health to manage a range of conditions that can affect men at any age.

  • Specialist Personal Trainer - Specialising in Men's Health -

But above all - I actually do care!

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