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Male Body and mind Response

Bespoke coaching in addition to the Standard Video Courses.

Different health & fitness goals combined with different personalities and lifestyles means I offer a range  of coaching methods

Audio Clips 

For max focus upon your body can be listened to in a variety of settings to fit in with the busiest life

Video Clips

Just hit play when you want me to coach you on your chosen subject in any of the modules


I'm here on email and messaging to offer daily or weekly support if you want it. Or you can train with the above100% independently

1:1 Video Coaching Call

Included in some online courses, or available any time to both members and non members.

All Parts of You

Want to perform better in different situations?


Can Stress Help Creativity?

or Help you Meet Targets?

One type of stress can actually be good for performance and creativity, but only if the bad stress is kept under control!

New Video Coming soon


All parts of You

...a complex subject, but once understood we can learn to manage it.

New Video Coming soon

Your Body Response

Stress and anxiety sometimes creep up on us - we are not always aware just how they can be affecting our response - especially if we have, as the years pass got use to higher levels.


Stress as a Tool

If you are naturally laid back this has hopefully demonstrated how stress may actually in some instances be a benefit to your creativity.

However if you do have a high level of background stress in your life, you could be missing out on this valuable tool. Any Questions just contact me.

More Examples

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