Bespoke Coaching

As with Standard Coaching...

  • Gain access to Every video (50+) and info page -

Bespoke gives you everything that you get in Standard plus:​

  • ​Coaching videos provided in an order best for you - focus upon aspects that will most help you.

  • Gives your own personalised training page - including an extra private and personalised video - on whatever aspect you would like to know even more about. 

30 days access:

Card Payment Cost: £50  

6 months access:

Card Payment Cost: £100   

Bonus: Bank Transfer (or if in US ACH Transfer) gives bonus - ask me for details.

To go ahead:

please contact me

 .....I'll ask you a few questions (to establish an initial training plan) and direct you to the payment page.

.....once paid you'll be able to set your own password for the duration of your membership.

..look forward to some great things that will happen!

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